My name is Huy Nguyen. I am a graphic designer living and working on Darug country with a passion for designing for the arts and brands with a purpose.

Selected projects ︎︎︎

Poster, 2020

I was asked to design a poster for dance and projection artist Wendy Yu's latest artwork entitled Acts of Holding — a multimedia artwork exhibited at Centre for Projection Art, Melbourne.

The artwork was based on Anna McDonald's text called Acts of Holding: Dance, Time and Loss, which attempted to draw a parallel between the act of dancing and the act of mourning, both being very time-dependant. The term acts of holding referred to the desire to hold on to something, a memory, either it be of deceased loved one or of the movements in a dance.

My typography treatment was inspired by the fact that it could not be held, everything is temporary and is doomed to fall apart at some stage, hence the appearing and sliding off page typography. The type experimentation also corresponded to the visuals -  a slit scan of a dancer's movements appearing to be desperately clinging onto one another against the force of time.