My name is Huy Nguyen. I am a graphic designer living and working on Darug country with a passion for designing for the arts and brands with a purpose.

Selected projects ︎︎︎

Behind the Lens

Identity, 2021

After the big lockdown in 2020, the music scene in Western Sydney had suffered and eventually adapted to the pandemic by increasingly innovative music videos, virtual performances and social media promotions.

Behind the Lens was a program inspired by this resilence. It aimed to pare emerging musicians with multidisciplinary creatives and videographers to create a multi-sensory live music experience. I was commissioned by Fairfield City Museum & Gallery to design an identity for it. 

The brief asked for something that went beyond just pretty imagery and cool typography—it needed to evoke the sonic, visual and tactile experience that the performances promised to deliver. 

I was interested in the fourth wall, a performance convention in which an invisible, imagined wall separates the performer with the audience. This fourth wall is quite rigid in cinema and theatre but when it comes to music, it seems to be very fluid. Artists have been playing around with personas since the birth of MTV and onto our current age of Instagram and Tiktok. 

Hence, I played with this concept by pixelation and distortion of the brand’s typography and imagery. This created a liminal zone between reality and fantasy, an invisible wall for the audience to reach into and for the artists to break.