My name is Huy Nguyen. I am a graphic designer living and working on Darug country with a passion for designing for the arts and brands with a purpose.

Selected projects ︎︎︎

Here: After

Identity, Publication, 2021

Fairfield City Museum & Gallery reached out to me to design the identity and marketing collaterals for an upcoming exhibition called Here: After

The theme of Here: After was about a future different to the kind depicted by sci-fi movies - none of that sterile and dystopian environment we were so accustomed to and conditioned to think it was the only way to be. The future in Here: After was inclusive, nurturing and saturated with colour and possibilities. Therefore, my task was to steer from the tropes of cold harsh machine aesthetic and embrace something softer and kinder.

Inspired by the imagery of fauna and flora thriving from the ancient ruin of Angkor Wat and the vividly surreal world in the film Annihilation, I started the creative process by searching for a typeface that was both organic and futuristic. I finally found that in MuiMcNeil's FF ThreeSix 31 which is an exquisite modular geometric display type with 8 weights that can be nested in one another.

The result resembled a colony of neon fungi coming alive.