My name is Huy Nguyen. I am a graphic designer living and working on Darug country with a passion for designing for the arts and brands with a purpose.

Selected projects ︎︎︎

Wester’ly—Digital Inclusion for Western Sydney

Digital, Web, Identity, 2020


When lockdown took place in March, school kids were sent home and a lot of them encountered severe problems getting online to study. I was commissioned by CuriousWorks to design and develop a website that appealed with school aged kids and could be use with a small bandwidth and slow internet.


Through research, we learned that around 30% of families in our local communities did not have access to steady internet. A majority of them consisted of newly arrived families in which the parents could not speak and comprehend English very well and their kids acted as their translators.

Wester'y is a website reaching out the school students in the South-Western Sydney region to provide information and assistance with digital equity during the COVID-19 pandemic.
I built the site from scratch using Webflow and created colourful sketch-like illustrations in Illustrator and exported them as SVG's to reduce page size (3mb in total).

View the site here.